Boudoir Photography
On-location packages starting at $499.
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You’re intrigued…you’ve thought about it. So why not treat yourself to an extraordinary experience. Oh, there are photographs of you, a grab shot here or there, or a favorite photo a friend made some time ago. Now it’s time to do something unique – something special – for yourself or a loved one!

PinUp Detroit will provide you with a unique and wonderfully pleasant session. Our approach is classic…think flirty, feminine, and refined. Your production-style shoot is well-considered before you arrive for your session because we work with you in advance to select wardrobe, set styling, props, and hair & makeup. In our comfortable studio in Royal Oak or on location anywhere, we guarantee that you will be thrilled that you made this special time for yourself.

We are talented, experienced, friendly and easy to work with…don’t hesitate to call to find out more.

PinUp Photography
Our basic packages start as low as $225.
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What We Do

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so we make a special effort to guide you through the process. Prior to your photo session you have the opportunity to meet with us and discuss clothing and wardrobe options and the type of photos you’re interested in making. We will make suggestions and show you examples of pinup and boudoir photos that may spark your interest.

You are more than welcome to suggest ideas or show us pictures that reflect your personal interest and style. We are always open to your creative ideas or concepts. In the end we want you to feel confident in us and comfortable in our studio.

Our studio is located in a beautiful and stately home just a few blocks from downtown Royal Oak. Your session will most likely take place here, but we also are happy to go on-location with you to create a set of very unique pinup or boudoir photographs.

Note: Due to the intimate nature of your photo shoot, no images will be shown to anyone without your written permission.

Explore Your Options

We invite you to take a look at samples of our Boudoir and PinUp photography. And then give us a call to explore something special for yourself or a loved one!

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